2500/15.75/0.4 Oil Transformer S-Type

1000/15.75/0.4 Transformator olejowy




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┬Ě Rated capacity: 2500kva
┬Ě HV/LV ratio: 15.75KV /0.4KV
┬Ě HV tapping range: ┬▒2×2.5%

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Hermetically sealed with integral filling
ÔÇó Cover bolted to the tank
ÔÇó Minerai oil in accordance with IEC 60296
ÔÇó lndoor / outdoor use (depending on selected fittings and options)
ÔÇó Anti-corrosion surface treatment: corrosivity category class C3, ‘Medium’
durability (according to ISO 12944-2)

ÔÇó EN 50588-1 (supersedes EN 50464-1:2007, EN 50708-1, EN 50541-1:2011)
ÔÇó EN 60076-1
ÔÇó Ecodesign regulation EU 548-2014 and its amendment EU 2019/1783

Ecodesign regulation EU 548-2014
and its amendment EU 2019/1783
ÔÇó Maximal loss levels
ÔÇó Statement on loss tolerances:
ÔÇô No tolerance on transformer design
ÔÇô 5% tolerance for end user checks
ÔÇó Additional data requested on the name plates
ÔÇô Loss level and measured values
ÔÇô Type and weight of main materials used
ÔÇô CE Marking is MANDATORY-1

Oil type transformers maximum loss
levels according to Ecodesign 2021
ÔÇó Insulation voltage: MV ÔëĄ 24 kV & LV ÔëĄ 3.6 kV
ÔÇô AA0Ak up to 3,150 kVA
ÔÇó Insulation Voltage: MV< 36 kV & LV < 3.6 kV
ÔÇô AA0Ak up to 3,150 kVA

Energeks S-1000kva

S-Type Eco Medium Voltage Distribution Transformer

Product Description:

Introducing the S-Type Eco Medium Voltage Distribution Transformer, available exclusively on Energeks.com. Designed to meet the challenges of modern electrical distribution, this oil-immersed transformer is your solution for efficient power distribution up to 36kV.

Key Features:

  • Voltage Capacity: Up to 36kV
  • Power Capacity: Up to 3150 kVA
  • Standard: Air insulated switchgear.
  • Oil Type: Minerai oil compliant with IEC 60296 standards.
  • Use: Versatile indoor/outdoor use depending on fittings and options chosen.
  • Protection: Hermetically sealed with an integrated filling; cover bolted to the tank.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Complies with Ecodesign regulations EU 548-2014 & EU 2019/1783.
  • Surface Treatment: Anti-corrosion class C3 with ‘Medium’ durability as per ISO 12944-2.
  • Color: Final shade is RAL 7033.

Digital Integration:

The new S-Type now integrates seamlessly into digital platforms, paving the way for Industry 4.0 objectives. Enhance your distribution systems with its innovative connected features.


All S-Type transformers align with:

  • EN 50588-1
  • EN 60076-1
  • Ecodesign regulations EU 548-2014 and its amendment EU 2019/1783

Additional Information:

  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Fittings include a de-energized tap changer, HV porcelain bushing up to 250 Amps, 4 LV porcelain bushings, earthing terminals, and more.
  • Options available: Protection relays, free thermometer pocket, control devices, HV & LV bushings, retention tank, and more. Consult for additional customization.

Dimensions & Electrical Characteristics:

Detailed electrical characteristics, dimensions, weights, acoustic levels, and other specifications are available in our S-Type up to 3150 kVA catalog on Energeks.com.

Order Now:

Upgrade to the S-Type Eco Medium Voltage Distribution Transformer and achieve superior energy distribution. For further details or bespoke configurations, consult Energeks.com.

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