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Transforming Power Distribution: A Closer Look at Energeks’ S-Type Transformers

In the world of Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers, Energeks has established itself as a trusted brand. With the introduction of their S-Type eco up to 3150 kVA catalog, the company is pushing boundaries and setting higher standards. Here’s an in-depth dive into what Energeks brings to the table with its innovative S-Type Transformers.

1. What makes the S-Type Stand Out? The S-Type oil distribution transformer is built for power, reliability, and efficiency. Rated up to 3150 kVA, this is a powerhouse designed for the demands of today’s electrical grid. Key characteristics include:

  • Hermetically sealed design with integral filling to prevent leaks.
  • Bolted cover to the tank for secure and durable fitting.
  • Mineral oil used in accordance with IEC 60296 standards.
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors, depending on selected fittings and options.
  • Anti-corrosion surface treatment with a durability categorized as ‘Medium’ according to ISO 12944-2 standards. This ensures longevity in diverse environments.
  • A striking final color of RAL 7033, making it not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

2. Compliance and Standards Energeks ensures that its S-Type transformers comply with a range of standards:

  • EN 50588-1
  • EN 60076-1
  • Ecodesign regulations, including EU 548-2014 and its amendment EU 2019/1783.

Furthermore, these transformers have a clear emphasis on environmental responsibility, adhering to the eco-design requirements for maximal loss levels, loss tolerance statements, and additional data requirements for name plates.

3. The Digital Transformation The S-Type is not just about power but also about the integration of technology. With the push towards Industry 4.0, Energeks introduces connected features, making S-Type a smart choice for distribution systems of the future. ItÔÇÖs a move from traditional distribution methods to a more integrated, digitalized approach, ensuring power distribution is more efficient, reliable, and adaptive to changes.

4. Specifics and Options Energeks understands the varied needs of industries and offers a range of options for the S-Type transformer:

  • Various protection relays.
  • Options for different types of bushings.
  • Control devices, retention tanks, and more.

Additionally, the transformer boasts precise and detailed rating plates that adhere to EN 60076-1 standards. This provides users with comprehensive information, from no-load loss values to the nature of core material used.

5. Overview of Characteristics With insulation voltage options of MV ÔëĄ 24 kV & LV ÔëĄ 3.6 kV or MV< 36 kV & LV < 3.6 kV, the S-Type is versatile. Moreover, itÔÇÖs designed with features like a 3 or 5 positions de-energized tap changer on the cover and various bushings suitable for different power needs.

6. Conclusion In an era where electrical needs are continuously evolving, EnergeksÔÇÖ S-Type Transformers are a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Their latest offering is not just a product but a statement of their commitment to the future of power distribution. Visit the 2023 catalog for a comprehensive look into their SMX modular units, air-insulated switchgear up to 36kV, Set series, and much more.

Step into the future of power distribution with Energeks. Their promise is not just about delivering power but transforming how we perceive and interact with it.

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